As a thriving business in Hertfordshire for many years, our involvement in the community is deeply embedded in our DNA; as both an organisation and as individuals, we always go the extra mile out of instinct rather than corporate policy.

We coordinate and focus our efforts to make sure we have as big an impact as possible by

  • focussing on local charities where we can really make a difference
  • helping the vulnerable, the old and the young of Hertfordshire
  • supporting local culture
  • highlighting the many small acts of our people to inspire others at Debenhams Ottaway to follow.
  • Small Acts of Kindness

    Small Acts of Kindness is our charity of the year, voted for by the Debenhams Ottaway team. The charity wants every older person to feel warm in their home and connected to their community. They do this by sourcing and distributing practical gifts that reduce the negative impact that feeling lonely and isolated can have on older people’s physical and mental wellbeing. They connect communities with kindness.

  • The Herts Funding Network

    Debenhams Ottaway supports the annual charity, The Funding Network, which supports social change projects through live “crowdfunding” to obtain donations for charities. Corporate and commercial partner, Andrew Yates is a member of the judging panel, which assists in choosing the charities for the annual Herts event.

  • Dementia Friends

    Our Wills, trusts and probate lawyers are trained Dementia Friends. This Alzheimer’s Society initiative aims to change people's perception of dementia and inspire others to learn more about the condition and how they can help those living with it in their community. Accessing legal services can be challenging for people with dementia who may feel vulnerable in unfamiliar surroundings. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience of helping individuals and families affected by dementia, we use straightforward language, make sure that their wishes are heard and provide the support they need.

  • St Albans Charity Cycle Ride (SACCR)

    Every year 1000’s of cyclists enjoy this fun ride through the Hertfordshire. SACCR is organised by the three Rotary Clubs of St Albans to raise money for the clubs’ chosen charities, including Herts Musical Memories, The Hospice of St Francis, Cruse Bereavement Care Hertfordshire and many more! Debenhams Ottaway have sponsored the St Albans Charity Cycle ride for many years, and continue to support the event.