As specialist family and lifetime planning lawyers, we help individuals and families with all types of disputes and disagreements surrounding Wills, trusts and inheritance, including probate disputes and remedies.

There has been a rise in the number of disputes about who inherits and who does not. With an increasingly wealthy population and more complex family structures, this is no surprise. Whether you were close to the deceased person or had a complicated relationship, we will always approach your matter with sensitivity and respect, taking time to understand your situation, your feelings, and what is the ideal outcome.

“I really appreciate your guidance, advice and humour during my inheritance claim. Without your knowledge, negotiating and analytical skills, I am sure the claim would have gone to court and the matter would not have been settled by now.” Individual client

If you’re making an inheritance claim or defending one, our experts can help you

We understand the sensitive nature of Will and estate disputes as they often involve close family members who may have conflicting views about their deceased loved one’s true wishes. Our lawyers are skilled at opening discussions with other members of the family or their legal representatives to try to find creative solutions and make sure you get the result you want before it becomes a lengthy and costly dispute.

Our expertise includes:

    • Disputing a Will
    • Court of Protection disputes
    • Disputes involving executors, trusts and beneficiaries
    • Inheritance Act claims
    • Professional negligence in Will writing
    • Challenging a lifetime gift

If you need help defending a contested Will and probate claim or if you are considering making an inheritance claim against someone else, call 01727 837161 or complete the “How can we help you” form top-right of this page, for a no obligation chat.

“I was very anxious and upset prior to the meeting but came out feeling more buoyant and comfortable with the situation and the agreed next steps. You really made a difference to me during this very difficult time.” Individual client






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