Redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal provided that a fair procedure is followed which includes adequate consultation with the employees affected. Redundancies may arise for various reasons and not necessarily as a result of a downturn in business. A growing company may decide to restructure its organisation resulting in changes to its staff requirements.

Careful consideration needs to be given to:

  • the selection employees to be made redundant
  • the procedural steps to be taken
  • special rules for large scale redundancy procedures
  • the extent of consultation
  • the ground to be covered at meetings
  • the alternatives to redundancy
  • the formulation of redundancy packages and negotiating these with employee
  • the use of settlement agreements to protect the employer from the risk of claims.

Our experience is wide-ranging and includes advising on a redundancy programme in the oil industry through to dealing with redundancies arising from changes in arrangements for delivery of services to residents of a care home. We focus on practical solutions so that business reorganisations and redundancies can be dealt with as harmoniously as possible.

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