Disputes are an inevitable part of business life and often difficult to avoid. They can however be managed to limit any damage to your business and to avoid taking up large amounts of management time. We work with our commercial clients to resolve disputes quickly, on best possible terms and within agreed budgets.

Commercial disputes rarely contain themselves to a one issue so we can call in expertise from our commercial, employment, property and regulatory teams to ensure you receive the right advice.

There are many ways in which a business dispute can be resolved. We always try to find a solution that works best for your situation and causes the least disruption to your business.

Alterative dispute resolution is usually the first route we choose, and our lawyers excel in negotiating favourable terms without going to court which can often become complicated and costly.

We work with a range of commercial clients from small start-ups and entrepreneurs to large corporations. Our clients work in a range of sectors based not just locally in Hertfordshire but also across the UK, with many working internationally in different jurisdictions.


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