Whether you own a large complex business or you run a small family business, our team of private wealth lawyers can help ensure that your business is run as it should be.

Commercial property

If you are looking to buy commercial real estate, our lawyers can guide you through the process to help you successfully acquiring the property you want. We are well connected with a number of banks who can help you if you are looking to finance the acquisition.

If you have invested in commercial real estate it is important to attract the right tenants and make sure you carry out regular rent reviews; our lawyers can guide you on this to ensure you maximum profits.

Employment issues

If you own or run a business it is important that you are alive to employment legislation. Our employment lawyers regularly work with owner managed/family businesses, entrepreneurs, SMEs, helping them to navigate the complexities of employment law and minimise commercial risk. Even if you employ staff at home, such as nannies, gardeners and cleaners, you need to make sure you abide by certain legal requirements.

When complications arise, we take a commercial and creative approach to protect your reputation and avoid lengthy and costly disputes.


Successful entrepreneurs have to take on lots of responsibilities as their business takes off, often at a particularly fast rate. It is important that as the business succeeds, you have the right legal set up in place to manage and keep up with rapid growth, such as intellectual property rights for your brand, standard terms of business for your clients and suppliers and employee contracts.

Whether your business has just started out, you have gone though a merger or are looking to invest and grow your business further, our lawyers are here to help you succeed, make sure you comply with all current legislation and ensure you understand any potential risks you may face.

If you require more information contact us today and a member of our team can help you.