With the increase in relationships between different nationalities comes an increase in the number of parents wanting to return to their home country with their children when that relationship breaks down.  When the parents are not able to agree on where the children should live and mediation has failed, an application to the court for custody may be the only solution.

The law in relation to children moving from this country is complex and we are able to provide clear practical advice to help you through the process. The keys to achieving a good outcome for you are to make sure that

We are able to guide you through the process of child custody and international relocation and help you with the information that you will need to provide to the court. These applications are notoriously difficult for the court to determine. The impact of a refusal on the parent wanting to return to their home country can be very painful and they may be left feeling trapped in this country. On the other hand, if permission to relocate is granted, the parent left behind can be equally distressed because of the impact of the move on their relationship with their children. There is no presumption in favour of either parent; each case will depend on the facts.

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