A well managed property portfolio will help to maximise its value, reduce your costs and increase your returns. We offer simple and effective advice that will help you identify, manage, prioritise and control issues to help you achieve specific strategic business objectives.

We guide our landlord clients through the wide variety of issues that can arise throughout the life-cycle of a property.

Asset management is largely based around the requirements and rights contained in legislation. These impose a framework of obligations and responsibilities on landlords, which if overlooked can have material consequences.

These include

  • when a tenant asks you for consent to assign their lease, you must respond within a reasonable period, generally thought to be only 14 days. A failure to respond promptly can entitle the tenant to damages against you
  • as a landlord you have a legal duty to identify and manage asbestos in your properties. A breach of this duty is a criminal offence
  • if there is a residential element to your property, there are various statutory restrictions and notice obligations that need to be complied with when charging for repairs and services via service charge. Failing to comply with the statutory obligations may mean you are unable to recover any money you have spent from your residential tenants.

A landlord will need to deal proactively and effectively with a number of tenant demands and requests. Documents that we tailor for your specific requirements to assist with such issues include

  • licences to assign
  • licences to alter
  • licences to sublet
  • leases and subleases
  • rent deposit deeds
  • deeds of variation
  • rent review memorandum.