A property dispute can have a major impact on your business, and can often become costly. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant involved in a property dispute, we can help you understand and comply with all relevant aspects of property law to limit the risks and maintain the value and income of your property investment. We tackle issues head on, taking a commercial and creative approach to minimise disruption, and avoid where possible lengthy and costly disputes.

We work with well-established local landowners, property investors, developers, private landlords, agents, management companies, businesses, institutions and private individuals in Hertfordshire and the across the UK.

A commercial property dispute can have a significant negative impact on you and your business. As a commercial landlord, you need to make sure your tenant pays their rent on time and complies with the lease. As a commercial tenant you may find that your landlord is being unreasonable, such as seeking to increase your rent significantly. We help both commercial landlords and tenants to try to prevent problems in the first place but where they do, achieving a quick and fair resolution.

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