Having a professionally drafted set of standard terms of business saves you time and money by ensuring that you can trade without negotiating a new agreement for each and every deal you make.

Our team of lawyers work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on quickly understanding how each business operates and tailor terms to suit the requirements of that particular business.

Our approach is to draft in plain English so that you, your employees and those you do business with understand the rights and responsibilities of each party. A clear, simple set of terms helps to avoid disputes and ensures that your business is conducted with minimum hassle.

When considering the content of your terms and conditions in particular you will need to think about

Limiting your liability

Limiting the amount you pay if your business makes a mistake is one of the main reasons to have a set of terms in the first place. However, go too far with your limits and your protections may become entirely unenforceable. Limits on liability must be ‘reasonable’ even when trading with other businesses and few, if any limitations will be permitted when dealing with consumers.

Dealing with consumers

For the most part, you can be fairly robust in your terms of business when dealing with other businesses. When trading with consumers a raft of legislative protections means that you have to be far more even handed in your approach. Businesses often mistakenly use the same set of terms for both businesses and consumers, which either leaves them with too few protections or clauses which cannot be enforced.

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