Writing and reviewing your Will

Our lawyers work with clients who have complex financial structures; they often own businesses or numerous properties or have significant pensions and savings. When financial circumstances are so complex, it is essential to have a professionally drafted Will in place that takes in to consideration your circumstances, so wealth is passed to the right people after they die.

Lifetime planning

Our lawyers can also advise on all the legal aspects of lifetime planning, including lasting powers of attorney, court of protection and long term care planning so that if you are no longer able to make financial or personal decisions, then someone you trust can make them for you. This is particularly important for high net worth individuals who have wealth to manage and protect.

Tax planning

We help high net worth individuals and families find solutions to minimise inheritance tax and capital gains tax. Our lawyers also advise on agricultural property relief and business property relief, which is particularly important if you own landed estates or business and property assets in the UK and overseas.

Wealthy estates far exceed current inheritance tax thresholds.  This means everything above the thresholds that is not left to your spouse or civil partner, will be taxed at 40% upon your death, under the current rules. The sooner you find out what your tax liability is, the sooner you can plan to limit it so that more of your estate will be inherited by your loved ones.

Probate and estate administration

When a person dies, the family and close friends are faced with the daunting task of administering the estate. This can be particularly stressful when an estate is complex, large or varied as there may be assets abroad, various portfolios, businesses and properties to deal with. Whatever the size or complexity of an estate, our specialist team of lawyers will guide you through the probate process and can also take on the role of executor if required.

Will and inheritance disputes

With an increasingly wealthy population, it is perhaps no surprise that there has been a rise in the number of disputes about who inherits and who does not. Our specialist lawyers advise on all disputes surrounding Wills, trusts and inheritance. They take a pragmatic approach to make sure clients get the result they want before it becomes a lengthy and costly dispute.

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