Landlords and tenants have different priorities, so it’s inevitable that they might not always see eye to eye. Disagreements between landlords and tenants can often be emotive, costly and time consuming if not resolved quickly with help from a specialist lawyer.

A dispute between a landlord and tenant often revolves around a breach in the terms agreed at the beginning of the lease, or if there is a conflict of interest. Where there is a genuine dispute, we negotiate to find a solution to the problem before taking legal action as a last resort. Where there is no genuine dispute, we take swift action to enforce the legal rights of our client.

Our team of dedicated property dispute lawyers regularly advise landlords and tenant of both commercial and residential premises. Clients range from property investors with large and diverse portfolios with multiple tenants to commercial and residential tenants with one or two properties. We understand the challenges faced by both sides and appreciate both points of view.

Issues landlords may face with their tenants

As a landlord, you expect your property to be looked after by the tenant and rent paid on time but unfortunately it’s not always smooth sailing. Common issues may include a tenant

  • continuing to not pay rent on time or at all
  • carrying out alterations to the property without agreement
  • sub-letting the property without agreement
  • wanting to terminate the lease before the end of the term
  • disputing charges for services
  • not taking responsibility for damage they caused to the property.

Issues tenants may face with their landlords

As a tenant, whether as an individual or a business, your priority is that you have a roof over your head to either live in or do business. Whatever the reason for the tenancy, you will want to have some flexibility in how you use the property, the terms of the lease and enjoying your property without interference by your landlord.

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