As specialist family and lifetime planning lawyers, we advise on all types of disputes and disagreements surrounding individual and family Willstrusts(including grounds for removal) and inheritance, including probate disputes and remedies; the process of dealing with someone’s estate (including property, possessions, cash and savings) when they pass away.

We work with individuals, both locally in St Albans and throughout Hertfordshire, as well as across the South East and also with other professionals who deal with probate but need guidance when it becomes contested.

We take a pragmatic approach to make sure you get the result you want before it becomes a lengthy and costly dispute.

With an increasingly wealthy population, particularly at the senior end, it is perhaps no surprise that there has been a rise in the number of disputes about who inherits and who does not. It may also be linked to the more complex family structures of today and changing family dynamics with remarriages, step families and co-habitation. An increase in DIY Wills and probate where mistakes have been made is also adding to the rise.

We have two fully accredited members of ACTAPS (Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists), out of only seven throughout Hertfordshire.

Common questions we are asked, concerning disputes, include

“How do I dispute a Will?”
“How do I remove an executor?”
“What is a beneficiary dispute?”
“Can you remove an executor of a Will?”

If you need answers to these types of questions, or assistance from a solicitor with disputing a Will, trust, inheritance or beneficiary, please contact us today.

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