Once a petition for a divorce has been issued, there are a number of possible claims for divorce financial settlements and orders that can be made including payment of lump sums of money, pension transfers, the sale or transfer of houses between spouses or childrens monthly maintenance payments.

Whether seeking advice on obtaining your fair share or protecting assets, pragmatic and sensible advice will be key. Using tactical expertise and technical knowledge, we can help you with the full range of claims which can be sought when a relationship breaks down.

Whether you are married or in a civil partnership, we make sure you take the best possible approach to your money claims, tax planning and trust law by working closely with our private wealth team and leading barristers where appropriate. We understand every family is unique and regardless of whether the assets are modest or significant, we can help with the merits of financial claims and the appropriateness of orders that courts can make. This is an area where judges regularly make decisions in one case which may change the way other courts make similar decisions.  Part of our role is to help you understand where you stand and guide and support you throughout the financial process.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to involve the courts. All our team are members of Resolution and strive to resolve disputes whilst minimising conflict. We can talk to you about alternate methods to resolve financial claims as well as using the court process. If mediation or a collaborative approach is suitable, we have a wealth of professionals who can help divorcing couples reach an agreement.

To discuss your financial options and legal rights and responsibilities regarding divorce, contact us today.

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