Maintaining regular contact with your children following the breakdown of a relationship is really important if you have moved out of the family home. Equally, if the children are still living with you (where you have custody), you will want some structure to when, where and how long they spend with your ex-partner.

All children should have a positive relationship with both parents. It is only in circumstances where the children are not safe that regular contact may not be appropriate; even then it may be possible to put in place safeguards to ensure the children’s safety. It is essential, but often challenging, for both parents to establish a new, almost business-like relationship following their separation so that they can continue to parent their children well. The transition is huge, particularly for the children who have usually been used to seeing both parents everyday.

As child custody solicitors, we understand the sensitivity of these situations and will take the time to listen and understand the issues involved, ensure you understand your legal rights and responsibilities towards custody of your child and help you take the necessary steps to find a workable solution that meets the needs of your children, provides financial stability, takes into consideration spousal and child maintenance needs and keeps family ties in place.

We will make every effort to help you find a solution without involving the courts. However if it is not possible for you and your ex-partner to reach an agreement, we are experienced in making applications to court for an order and presenting cases persuasively. The order can cover a wide range of issues including

  • where and with whom a child should live (known as “custody”)
  • with whom the child should have contact
  • the frequency of such contact
  • and specific issues such as which school the child shall attend.

To discuss your child custody options and to find out about your legal rights and responsibilities, contact us today.

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