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Family life is rewarding and challenging in equal measure but there are times when you may need the help of specialist family and divorce lawyers, whether you live in the UK or overseas as an expatriate. You may simply want to know what your rights are or understand the implications for your children or your financial position if you take a particular path, such as divorce for married couples or separation for unmarried couples

  • Whether it is the beginning or the end of a relationship, or anything in between, we specialise in all aspects of family law and divorce and will take you through the processes and systems in a straightforward and supportive way.
  • We work with individuals, parents, couples and grandparents in Hertfordshire, London, across the rest of the UK and internationally to help you find your way through this very complex and rapidly changing area of law.

Our family team advises on highly contested divorces involving significant personal assets, with complicated business interests and challenging child arrangements, often involving an international element. We do our best to make the whole process as amicable and painless as possible, including helping couples take a less formal approach to separation, than attending court (called "The Collaborative Process") . However, when necessary we will do everything in our power to make sure you are treated fairly and your future is secure. Equally we deal with straightforward divorces, where as a couple you have simply grown apart and wish to go your separate ways.

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are increasingly popular for first and subsequent marriages and we regularly work with individuals and couples to give clarity and certainty to your future.

For those choosing to live together without getting married, cohabitation and living together agreements are a must. There is no such thing as a common law wife or husband and making sure you are protected if the relationship breaks down is very important, especially where children are involved.

We also work with parents within the field of UK or international child adoption

To discuss your family or divorce needs or options, contact us today.

"Helen Young is experienced advising on complex and high-value financial cases. One source highlights her collaborative law work and says: "It's always good to do cases with her. She takes a very empathetic approach." Chambers and Partners 2017

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