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Our client is a French company that operates a global manufacturing business. We are helping the company with its purchase of the entire issued share capital of two English private limited companies from the companies’ current shareholders.

The target companies are a good fit for our client. For many years, our client has sought a presence in the UK for strategic purposes. In addition, the businesses operated by the target companies will be a good match for the client’s existing business interests.

One interesting and challenging feature of the transaction has been explaining English legal concepts to French clients and comparing and contrasting these with local laws.

We have supported the client with negotiating the transaction heads of terms (a written document outlining the key points of the proposed business transaction). In the near future, we anticipate undertaking legal due diligence on the target companies and their assets and business affairs, which means investigating a variety of corporate, commercial, employment and property‐related issues.

Our property and employment teams will be advising the client on the property and employment aspects of the transaction.