Standard Terms of Business


When do I need to review my terms of business?

An old set of contracts or an agreement ‘borrowed’ from a competitor or another business can be as dangerous as a set of badly drafted terms. It is important to keep standard terms of business up to date, particularly when legislation and court decisions alter the legal landscape, which they frequently do.

My business deals with businesses and consumers. Can I use the same terms and conditions?

If a business trades with consumers there a raft of legislative protection which means businesses have to be far more even handed in their approach. Using the same set of terms for both businesses and consumers leaves businesses with too few protections or clauses which cannot be enforced. It is therefore important that terms are correctly tailored towards the particular client base.

How do I ensure my business terms are enforceable?

A clear, well drafted set of terms covering the potential areas of dispute is often enough to avoid a claim. A good lawyer will easily spot any unenforceable terms so it is good practice to get these reviewed by a legal professional.

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