Do you feel that you have been unfairly left out of a Will? Does the Will not adequately provide for you? Is your share being challenged? If you need to contest a Will or estate, our specialist Will dispute solicitors can help you fight your corner.

Our lawyers advise on various forms of Will disputes, including

  • working with Executors of a Will (the person who administers a Will), when a claim has been made, that challenges a Will or how it has been administered
  • disputing a Will after probate
  • grounds for disputing a Will
  • family Will and trust disputes

If you have concerns about the validity of a Will, it is important to act quickly to stop the issue of a grant of representation (known as probate), based on the Will you suspect is invalid. A caveat stops probate from going ahead and can provide an important tactical advantage, with an opportunity for a resolution to be agreed.

If a caveat is not entered and the Will goes to probate, it can be more difficult and costly to later reverse the probate – known as an order for revocation of the grant. Crucially assets may have already been distributed.

There are a number of reasons why a Will may be disputed, the most common being that the Will was

If you need assistance for disputing a Will, from a trusted local St Albans and Hertfordshire solicitor, please contact us today.