Make restructuring quicker and easier with our settlement agreement advisory service

Restructuring your business and making many employees redundant can be a challenging exercise. If you’re offering settlement agreements, this can involve a great deal of liaison and negotiation with individual employees and their legal representatives – burdening your HR team and slowing down the process.

That’s where our settlement agreement advisory service comes in. Our employment team will work with you and your employees to reduce the administration and costs associated with your large-scale restructuring, and help you retain the goodwill of those exiting your company. We will act as an “independent adviser” as defined by statute, instructed freely by your employees, and ensure any settlement agreement we certify is legally binding and enforceable.

Why use our settlement agreement advisory service?

There are many benefits to both you and your employees. We can:

  • work with you at an early stage of the process, learning the rationale behind the restructure and discussing drafting issues before the agreements are provided to staff. This means your HR team won’t be tied up dealing with repetitive queries from multiple lawyers, and negotiations on behalf of individual employees will be minimized.
  • coordinate and provide advice to all those employees being offered similar compromise agreements. This will streamline and speed up the process and ensure your employees receive a consistent and professional service throughout.
  • advise individual employees either by attending your workplace (if confidential facilities available) or via remote meetings. This is convenient for your staff and allows meetings to be arranged more quickly.
  • provide affected staff with a bespoke written guide on your boilerplate settlement agreement terms. This cuts the time spent discussing terms with each employee and ensures they fully understand the agreement.
  • offer use of our virtual signature software for seamless digital completion at no extra cost.

How is the settlement agreement advisory service priced?

We can agree a fixed fee for advising on each agreement, without any excess charges to the employee. This caps your overall legal spend and provides comfort to affected staff concerned about their own financial exposure at a stressful time. The fixed fee per employee will be lower the more employees that instruct us. However, please note that our professional retainer, and our advisory independence and duties of confidentiality, remain always with the individual employee.

To find out more about our Settlement Agreement Advisory Services, please contact Louise Attrup on 01727 735 663 or