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The Office of Public Guardian (OPG) encourages any person with concerns about a deputy or attorney to report  concerns to the OPG investigations unit.  These concerns may include, misuse of money or decisions that are not in the best interests of the person.

It was possibly many years ago that you agreed to act as a deputy or an attorney for a family member or friend if, in the future, they could no longer manage their own affairs. Unexpectedly, you receive a letter saying that you will be subjected to an OPG investigation. Normally there is a demand for significant amounts of documentation and responses to detailed questions. You are sent a 22-page Information Provision Form Attorney Declaration and Financial Account Form Attorney Declaration.

This can all be quite a shock and deeply worrying.

Routinely you will be asked about a very wide range of information – Bank and building society statements, Investments statements and accounts, details of debts and repayments, property, income, expenses and spending receipts and invoices, gifts and even the Will. You may be given only a short time to respond.

Frequently details of the person that raised the concern and even specifics of the concern raised are not revealed. In fact, it is possible for unfounded anonymous (and sometimes malicious) complaints to be made to the OPG. You can feel as though you need to prove your innocence.

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