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According to the Law Commission an estimated 40% of adults die without having a will in place, and it is thought that the outdated and complicated laws are putting people off making one.

A person’s will sets out how they wish to distribute their possessions on death, and may even include preferences on what happens to them after they die. Without the help of a professional, although a person’s intentions may have been clear, their will may not reflect those intentions. There are also strict procedures that must be followed to ensure that is will is valid.

If you find that after a person’s death their will does not reflect their true intentions, or doesn’t make the financial provisions necessary for the people in their lives you may need to look to the Courts for assistance.

Debenhams Ottaway can assist you and guide you through the potentially daunting task of challenging a will or making a claim under Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975. If you or someone close to you needs assistance with a will, inheritance or power of attorney dispute matter, please do not hesitate to contact us today and get the advice and reassurance you need from trusted local Solicitors based in St Albans and Radlett.

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