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Following divorce, the on-going obligation to continue to pay maintenance to an ex spouse is often a bone of contention. Spousal maintenance payments are often seen as a financial burden and frequently become contentious long after divorced couples have gone their separate ways.

In a recent case, a husband gave up his lucrative position within a merchant bank with the sole intention of reducing his income and therefore the amount of money payable to his ex each month. You don’t have to take such drastic action and it is possible to vary the amount payable each month so you don’t end up having to pay more than you can afford.

Common triggers for varying the amount payable can include a change in employment or salary, personal events such as remarriage or the birth of a child from any new relationship. Careful management of such developments is vital to avoid further legal disputes and the costs this may involve.

good family lawyer can advise you on what is fair and reasonable to you and your ex. By carefully weighing up what you both need to live on any change can be dealt with sensibly.

Reviewing payments can generate significant long terms savings over time so it’s advisable to seek legal advice upon any changes at the earliest opportunity.

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