We advise individuals and businesses who are subject to professional disciplinary and fitness to practice investigations and proceedings. It is essential, when faced with regulatory intervention, to act quickly. We can advise at all stages of an investigation, including prior to regulators involvement where self reporting can minimise penalties imposed by regulators.

Once a regulatory is involved we advise on investigations by regulators and their inspectors, attend interviews under caution with clients and prepare written submissions to the Investigating Committee. Where a matter proceeds to the Disciplinary or Fitness to Practice Committee, we deal with case preparation and provide representation at hearings.

We regularly advise pharmacists practising as employees, locums, sole proprietors or in partnership or as superintendents of limited companies, including major chains, on all manner of regulatory, disciplinary and fraud matters arising from investigations by the General Pharmaceutical Council, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and at Coroners’ Inquests. We have also worked with the National Pharmacy Association and their members for many years.

Our experience includes acting for

  • healthcare  professionals including pharmacists, registered managers, nurses and midwives, doctors, dentists and veterinarians
  • FCA appointed persons and financial advisers
  • solicitors, barristers, claims managers and other legal professionals
  • accountants, actuaries and insolvency practitioners
  • construction professionals including planners, surveyors, architects, and chartered builders
  • sports professionals.