Very often, if you are faced with chasing debts, you’ll question if it’s worth taking action or write it off. By using debtor and asset tracing services you’ll be able to make an informed choice on whether it is commercially viable to pursue a debt. Based on a report outlining the debtors financial position you can decide the most suitable action to take to make sure your debt is repaid.

We offer comprehensive debtor and asset tracing services both pre and post judgment. We work in conjunction with a network of highly respected trace agents, enquiry agents and private investigators who are often ex-police officers. We also carry out online desktop investigations including through social media, Companies House, the Land Registry and domain name registration. Dependant on the complexity of the trace, in certain cases our agents are able to offer a ‘no trace, no fee’ investigation services.

Our investigation services include

Order to attend court for questioning

We are able to make an application to the court which orders the debtor to attend court to answer questions under oath and provide evidence in relation to income and expenditure. This information can then be used to determine the most suitable method to enforce payment of a judgment debt and asset tracing.

Enquiry agents

Our agents are able to carry out sophisticated, compliant searches to trace a debtor’s whereabouts. The agent uses various methods such as recent financial movement, the electoral roll and social media. In certain circumstances our agents will carry out service on a no trace no fee basis.

Online desktop investigations

We are able to carry out in-house searches to gather basic information on the commercial debtors and identify any registered County Court judgment, registered office and trading addresses.

Investigations pursuant to the Insolvency Act 1986

We work with a network of respected insolvency practitioners who are able to carry out investigation on a company that is subject to insolvency proceedings. These searches will help ascertain if the directors have any personal liability due to misconduct.