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We helped the personal representatives to act for them in the administration of the estate of a lady who died in a nursing home and who funded her own care fees. In the last few years of her life, she was unable to manage her financial affairs, so these were dealt with by a Court of Protection appointed deputy. It became apparent that due to the level of her needs, that she should have received NHS continuing healthcare (NHSCHC).

At no point during the deceased’s time in the home was a CHC checklist or assessment carried out so we contacted the relevant Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to make them aware of potential claim for previously un-assessed episodes of care.

The estate’s case was lodged with the CCG and we meet with the reviewing nurse manager and a social worker to discuss their retrospective assessment and our views were heard and incorporated into the decision.

The CCG subsequently verified the multi-disciplinary team’s recommendation that the deceased had met the criteria for NHSCHC for part of the time period that she received care and the estate was successful in claiming the repayment of care fees in the region of £7,000.