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Our local authority client, St Albans District Council, has recently redeveloped the site of an old social club to form seven residential freehold properties. We have been helping them to manage the development site, and we are now managing the sale of the seven residential plots.

One task was to set up the site to sell the seven houses to buyers. This involved:

  • Preparing “on notice” contracts for the sale of the plots as and when they were signed off for occupation.
  • Producing transfers of part (where the ownership of a specific part of the land is separated from the rest of the land, and the new owner is granted legal title to that specific part) that deal with all necessary rights.
  • Drafting reservations and restrictions (the limitations or conditions that should apply to the use or ownership of the properties).
  • Putting together the legal pack, which contained all the documentation required by the buyer.

We also managed replies to enquiries from potential buyers and provided a general information sheet for the use of the buyer’s lawyers. This provided a helpful summary of the site documentation to make the sales process as smooth as possible.

During the sales process we had to proactively address and straighten out some historic title matters.

We worked closely with the council’s in‐house legal representative and other team members, providing advice and assistance virtually.

St Albans District Council is now proposing to redevelop another plot of land, and we attended a site visit at very short notice. We will be carrying out similar tasks on the sale of plots on this second site.