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We acted for a long-standing employee of a well-known college and university. His employment had been terminated due the college’s Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA) of 67, forcing him to retire against his wishes.

As a transitional arrangement, the college agreed that the employee would remain entitled to all normal benefits (including a University Card) while his claim was ongoing. However, when his claim was unsuccessful at tribunal the college terminated the transitional arrangements – even though the employee had lodged an appeal against the decision to the EAT.

The college then refused the employee’s University Card application unless he accepted retired (emeritus) status. However, he believes that acceptance would adversely influence his appeal and negatively impact his academic standing as he would no longer have access to university resources or privileges.

We represented the employee in a claim against the college for its refusal to continue to transitional arrangements and supply a University Card, arguing this is an act of victimisation.