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We have been working with Epson, a multinational printer company, since 2017 when we helped them with the property lease for their UK headquarters in Hemel Hempstead.

Recently we negotiated a hybrid document for them (a document that combines elements of two or more different types of legal documents) relating to this property. The document concerned a retrospective licence for alterations to the property (a licence that is granted after the works have already been completed), as well as a deed of variation to the existing lease (where a change to the existing lease arrangements is set out). The existing lease needed to be changed to allow for the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging points and to grant rights of access.

The document was complex due to its hybrid nature, and we had to carefully consider Epson’s detailed requirements. We successfully negotiated the document with the landlord’s lawyer, then agreed the final wording and arranged for its completion. Due to the team’s efforts, we completed the document for them within their required timescales.