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We were asked to complete an emergency Will as part of our client’s high value divorce. This was an urgent request while our family law team was representing the client in his divorce.

Our client has complex health needs and was concerned that if he were to die during the divorce proceedings, his Will would still provide for his wife. He has several commercial and family farming interests and his assets, combined with those of his wife, are worth around £25 million.

Due to the urgent nature of the request, we arranged to meet at very short notice. To save time, we reviewed his previous Wills in advance of the meeting to anticipate his likely wishes, so that a selection of sample emergency Wills could be prepared for him to review.

We met with the client to better understand his needs, wishes and concerns. At the same time, we assessed his capacity to ensure that he was capable of making a Will.

We successfully made an emergency Will for the client to cover short‐term needs and put his and his family’s minds at ease.