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Family and divorce partner, Helen Young recently teamed up with The Latte Lounge, an online community for women over 40, where she shared her personal experience of going through menopause and talked through some practical steps to help avoid relationship breakdown.

The divorce and family law team at Debenhams Ottaway often see the significant impact menopause can have on even the most solid of relationships. Helen and her team want to make sure couples and families understand how menopause symptoms, such as erratic behaviour or anxiety, may lead a woman to question herself and her marriage/relationship and impact on making key life changing decisions.

Watch the conversation above where Helen talks to Katie Taylor, founder and CEO of The Latte Lounge, and highlights the importance of:

  • talking openly to your partner to help them understand the impact of menopause
  • avoiding making drastic life-changing decisions that you might regret due to symptoms of menopause, such as separation/divorce, moving house or leaving your job
  • having a trusted legal adviser who will help you to work out a solution that is right for your family – divorce or separation isn’t always the answer
  • if you decide to divorce/separate, making sure you have a divorce lawyer that understands the impact of menopause on family relationships.

Divorce or separation isn’t always the answer. It’s important to have people around you who understand the impact of menopause on family relationships and a divorce lawyer who will help you explore the alternatives before making life changing decisions.

If you are worried that menopause is impacting your relationship, contact Helen Young who can talk you through your options.

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