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We are excited to be working with The Latte Lounge, an online community for women over 40, to support women impacted by menopause.

On Thursday 28 April 2022, Helen Young, family and divorce partner at Debenhams Ottaway will team up with Katie Taylor, CEO and founder of The Latte Lounge, to explore the impact of menopause on family relationships. Helen will share her personal experience of going through menopause and talk through some practical steps to help avoid relationship breakdown.

If menopause is having an impact on your relationship or someone close to you, join Helen and Katie at 12:30pm on Thursday 28 April in The Latte Lounge Facebook group or to find out more about the event visit The Latte Lounge website.

This follows a menopause in the workplace Facebook Live event we hosted with The Latte Lounge where Debenhams Ottaway employment law specialist Michael Kerrigan talked through what women can do if menopause impacts them at work, and for any business owners, HR professionals or managers what they can do to help and support their staff.

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