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Across America big divisions have arisen between supporters of the Trump and Clinton campaigns and over the outcome of the US election.  Similar divisions have appeared in the UK as a result of the Brexit vote. On both sides of the pond, some married couples have found themselves sharply divided.

Nigel Shepherd, the chairperson of Resolution, an organisation that represents family solicitors and people working in family law in England and Wales, has commented that trying to reconcile opposing political views may be the final straw for some troubled relationships. Possibly an outcome of such a divisive campaign, some couples have found themselves thinking they aren’t as compatible as they once thought.

Jim Halfens, a commercial manager in a Dutch law firm came up with the notion of a divorce hotel. They already exist in the US and the Netherlands with one now open in the north of England.  For between £6,000 and £10,000, specially trained mediators can help divorcing couples separate within two days, quickly and apparently painlessly with negotiations taking place in a neutral environment in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Whilst checking into a hotel to check out of your marriage might work for some couples, it’s perhaps not the most romantic weekend away for Valentine’s day.  Trying to negotiate wide ranging financial arrangements within a limited period is a high risk strategy.  It  may work for some couples but most people would prefer to take the time to reflect and reach an agreement based on certainty and security. This is often a traumatic period and imposing extreme time constraints may make matters worse.

If your relationship is strained, getting professional legal advice about your options can help give you some peace of mind and reach informed decisions without pressure. If you find you are having problems with your marriage, our Family Law legal team can help.

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