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The divorce of Yasmin and Michael Prest has taken yet another twist. On 7 July the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of Mr Justice Moylan in the High Court when he handed down a suspended prison sentence last October to Mr Prest for wilfully refusing or neglecting to make a lump sum payment of £17.5 million, as well as monthly payments of spousal maintenance. Yasmin Prest had asked the High Court to send her ex-husband to prison for failing to make these payments to her, which meant he was in contempt of court. The Court of Appeal agreed with Mr Justice Moylan and gave Prest until 28 September 2015 to pay the arrears of maintenance of £360,000. Mr Prest was assessed by the High Court to have net assets valued at £37.5 million.

This is another example of the court taking a hard line with divorce cases. If you know anyone who is finding it difficult to meet their obligations under a court order, they need to be aware that non-compliance could result in a stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

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