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It seems that everyone is using some form of social media these days, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another platform. For those unfortunately involved in a family dispute, have you thought about how your posts, tweets and photos may impact upon your position?

It is easy to share too much online, which could end up being seen by someone who may want to use the information against you in a family case. Inappropriate messages or photos could be used as an example of unreasonable behaviour in support of a divorce petition. Abusive messages sent without thinking may also be relied upon in an application for an injunction, breach of which is a criminal offence.

It goes without saying that social media websites contain a wealth of personal information. An extravagant lifestyle shown online through photos or status updates could be relied upon to reveal someone to be wealthier than they are otherwise claiming to be. This could be relevant in a case dealing with how a divorcing or separating couple’s money should be divided. Photos displaying unsafe or inappropriate behaviour may be used against a parent who is seeking regular contact with or the care of their child.

If you are dealing with a family dispute, review your social media profile, the information it contains and your privacy settings. Be careful about what you put out there as it may come back to bite.

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