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The employment team at Debenhams Ottaway has joined forces with No5 Chambers to stage a mock employment tribunal on Monday 2 June 2014 at the Fielder Centre, Hatfield Business Park.

The event will demonstrate how a Judge manages a tribunal hearing and interprets the law, giving you the chance to appreciate the tension and drama of an employment tribunal. You will be provided with case notes and relevant documents to ensure you gain maximum understanding of the facts and legal issues before the trial.

The fictitious case will be heard by ‘Employment Judge’ Richard Hignett, an employment barrister with No5 Chambers who has nearly 20 years experience of advocacy in employment tribunals. Junior barristers will represent the ‘Claimant’ and ‘Respondent’ to ensure you have an accurate picture of the cross-examination skills you may face as a representative or witness.

At the end of the mock trial you’ll have the chance to ask questions and vote on what you think is the right result. After the trial  Debenhams Ottaway will also provide an update on key changes in employment law.

This event is essential training for your HR Director or anyone in your management team who handles your employee relations.

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