When medical treatment goes wrong it can cause a lot of misery and anxiety for all concerned. You should always therefore obtain specialist legal advice as soon as you have any concerns about the standard of medical treatment.

Our experienced medical negligence lawyers can provide you with clear and specific advice in a friendly and understandable way.

We can give you an initial assessment of the strength of your claim and how long the process is likely to take and the potential compensation that is available.

In particular we can advise and represent you in cases involving

Accident and emergency

Increasingly we are coming across cases of negligence in accident and emergency departments where specific injuries and illnesses can often be missed resulting in serious, and sometimes, fatal consequences for the patient.

Examples of where medical negligence may occur are where there is misdiagnosis, early discharge of patients and failure to refer patients to the most suitable consultant taking account of the type of injury or illness.

General surgery

There is an element of risk with all forms of surgery and consequently numerous issues can arise due to negligence during general surgery.

Some common examples of clinical negligence during general surgery include

  • failing to obtain informed consent from the patient prior to surgery
  • failing to advise the patient on the various risk factors and risk complications of surgery
  • surgical instruments being left inside the patient
  • damage to nerves or internal organs
  • inadequate post operative care whether in recovery or on the ward.

Incorrect diagnosis/treatment

We have come across cases where there has been incorrect treatment and delayed treatment of serious conditions which may have lasting and devastating consequences for patients. The consequences can be far reaching as it is not only the patient who will endure unnecessary physical suffering, but sometimes also members of the patients family who have to live with emotional suffering as a result of this type of negligence.

Incorrect diagnosis and treatment can occur with a number of types of medical conditions including various types of cancer, heart attacks, strokes or diabetes.