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Prior to the DebtFast team’s involvement, the matter in discussion had been with our property litigation team. Judgment had been awarded in our client’s favour alongside a costs order in the sum of £6,447.60.

Subsequent correspondence flowed between the parties in an attempt to set-up an instalment plan for the judgment debt however, no agreement had been concluded.

To secure the judgment for our client, an interim charging order was obtained in September 2016 and that was made final November 2016. Our client subsequently instructed us to pursue an order for sale.

The application was submitted to the Court on 20 April 2017 and a hearing was listed for some 4 weeks later, on 19 May 2017. Counsel attended the hearing on our client’s behalf and the Order for Sale was made by the Judge.

A redemption figure was immediately requested by the other side, which included interest and costs incurred in relation to the application i.e. legal fees, court fees. Subsequent settlement was received on 31 May 2017 in the sum of £8,298.66.

The Court was advised of the settlement and the order was discharged.