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Our client was a US technology company operating in the healthcare sector.

They harvest, cleanse and sell clinical data to help oncology clinicians improve patient outcomes, to provide relevant information to national policy makers, and to support pharmaceutical companies in developing better medications.

The client had been acquired by a large pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Austria, which already had a significant presence in the UK. Following the acquisition, the new owners decided to expand the US firm’s services into the UK and Germany too.

The client needed support in setting up UK operations, from both a company formation perspective and the more practical side of appointing employees for the new venture.

After winning the contract to undertake the work on the back of a successful, ongoing relationship with the parent company, our healthcare team handled the incorporation of the UK subsidiary.

We were able to advise them on a variety of corporate governance issues, too.

When the client started recruiting, the team also prepared all their employment contracts plus the key HR policies needed prior to starting UK trading.

With our support and guidance, the business was able to launch in the UK, using their technology to provide better data for clinicians and policy makers and, above all, help cancer patients.

Thanks to the success of the launch, the client has retained us to provide HR and corporate governance support on an ongoing basis.