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Our client was a large GP partnership based in Hertfordshire.

Our client was looking to purchase a GP surgery site to help them fulfil their expansion plans. There were a number of GP partners involved in the transaction, some of whom were due to retire soon.

Our healthcare team guided the client step-by-step through the significant legal and administrative burden of due diligence on the property. We helped negotiate with the landlords over their security requirements and provided advice on the existing lease – including future variations (changes to the contract) that would include additional land.

As there were several GP partners involved, there was additional work required to review various matters relating to the partnership, including indemnities from retiring partners.

Our client achieved their objective of expanding their growing practice through the acquisition of an additional site. Our timely and strategic support ensured they could purchase the property safe in the knowledge that the appropriate due diligence was completed, the lease balanced and fair, and the security needed reasonable.