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We have seen dramatic storylines unfold throughout season 3 of The Split. The main storyline of Hannah and Nathan, a divorce lawyer and barrister, having to negotiate their own separation had many viewers wondering if there’s such a thing as an amicable split and the final (ever) episode brought closure, and rather pleasantly, there was a happy ending. Despite all the Stern family drama throughout the series, it ended with a positive outlook on how families can work through relationship breakdown in a positive way and post-divorce be able to move on with their lives.

Nathan gets rid of his tough divorce lawyer

Nathan dis-instructs Melanie and tells her “You’ve never asked me what I want. You just tell people what they’re going to get at whatever cost”. Melanie has a reputation for being a tough litigator, with little appreciation for what may be in her client’s best interest. She acts in a way which is contrary to Resolution’s Code of Practice that promotes a constructive and amicable approach to dealing with family law.

The Code of Practice requires Resolution lawyers to “explain all the options (to the client) and give (the client) confidence to make the right decisions”. Melanie just tells her clients what they are going to get, without ever giving them the information and guidance they require to make their own decisions. Resolution lawyers must also “help [clients] focus on what’s important in the long-term”. This is incredibly important after a divorce is completed as separated couples will need to move on with their lives independently of one another. In many cases the divorcing couple will have children – this will always be something which bring both sides together, and it is vital that an amicable and constructive approach is adopted. This will ensure that there is as little tension and animosity as possible for the benefit of the family and the children. Nathan and Hannah will always be tied together by their children, and it is important their divorce is managed well so that they can continue to support their children.

The good divorce

At the end of the episode, Ruth invites Hannah and Nathan onto her podcast, where they discuss ‘the good divorce’. Hannah explains that divorce is hard, but if her clients “can lay down their weapons, their accusations, their resentments… and wait for the dust to settle on what’s left of their lives… and listen to what life has to offer next”. This important advice echoes that of all good family lawyers who will provide empathy, support and help their clients to resolve their divorce in a swift, amicable and constructive way.

The final season of The Split was full of drama, both inside and outside of the courtroom. Whilst some of the plots were somewhat farfetched, it was positive to see the ‘good divorce’ as one of the main themes throughout the series. At Debenhams Ottaway we will do all that we can to make the divorce process as amicable and painless as possible and we help couples try to find a solution themselves to avoid going to court where a judge makes the decisions.

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