Bronze Service: A no win no fee service, best suited for debts with no substantive dispute

Our contingent fees are between 2-25% depending on the level and age of the debt. Once instructed our fees are payable at the agreed percentage whether payment is made to us or directly to you.

The fees set out above for the work prior to issuing court proceedings includes the following services:

  • taking your instructions and reviewing documentation
  • undertaking a Companies House check
  • sending a letter before action and two further chaser letters
  • receiving payment and sending on to you

The fees above do not include reviewing and responding to the debtor’s response to any pre-action letter unless the debt remains undefended.  If the debt is defended, we can provide a fee estimate for the next steps should you require this advice.

An administration fee of £120.00 plus VAT is payable to us should the following occur:

  • you withdraw your instruction within 60 days of sending the Letter Before Action
  • you require advice as to how the matter should proceed if a recovery is not made after the Letter Before Action and follow up letters have been sent.

Silver Service: A fixed fee package, perfect for high volume debt collection

Letters before action

Type of letter before action Amount
Standard letter before action £14.50*
Debt Protocol letter before action £29.00*
Letter before action in accordance with the Practice Direction for Pre-Action Conduct Standard hourly rates

(*plus VAT)

Court fees are set out in the Ministry of Justice Civil and Family Court Fees (Leaflet EX50). The court fees set out below are current as at May 2016 but are liable to change. Court fees are charged at cost.

Court fees payable on the issue of proceeding

Value of the claim Court fee on issue of proceedings
Up to £300.00 £35
£300.01 – £500 £50
£500.01 – £1,000 £70
£1,000.01 – £1,500 £80
£1,500.01 – £3.000 £115
£3,000.01 – £5,000 £205
£5,000.01 – £10,000 £455
£10,000.01 – £15,000 5% of the value of the claim
£15,000.01 – £50.000 5% of the value of the claim
£50,000.01 – £100,000 5% of the value of the claim
£100,00.01 – £150,000 5% of the value of the claim
£150,000.01 – £200,000 5% of the value of the claim
£200.000.01 + £10,000

Solicitors fixed costs on the issue of proceedings and requesting judgment

Civil Procedure Rule Part 45 sets out the fixed recoverable solicitor’s costs on issue of proceedings, entering judgment and taking enforcement action. Unless we specify an alternative fee arrangement, our fees are set at the fixed recoverable fee level.  The fixed recoverable fee level set out below is current as at May 2016.

Value of the claim Solicitors fixed costs on issue of proceedings
£25 – £500 £50*
£500.01 – £1,000 £70*
£1,00.01- £5,000 £80*
£5,000.01 + £100*
Value of the claim Solicitors fixed costs on request for judgment
< £5,000 £22*
> £5,000 £30*

(*plus VAT)

Fixed fees and disbursements for enforcement

The fixed fees below cover our costs for advising on various methods of enforcement and taking the enforcement action that you decide upon. We will report to you in respect of the progress of enforcement action where there is something to report or a mile stone has been reached.

The fixed costs do not include the cost of monitoring and collecting instalments, any investigatory work that we may carry out in order to trace the debtor or the debtor’s assets, the provision of management information or providing updates in respect of the progress of enforcement action where there is nothing to report.  Our hourly rates apply to these services.

Action Costs Amount Fixed solicitors costs and recoverable costs pursuant to CPR Part 45
Third Party Debt Order Fixed fee £110* £98.50 or half the amount recovered if under £150
Court fee £110 £100
Hearing fee £150**
Charging Order Fixed fee £250* £110
Court fee £110 £100
Official copies £3 £3
Land Registry £ 20
Advocacy fee £155*
Attachment of Earning Order Fixed fee £50*† £8.50
Court fee £110 £100
Order to Obtain Information Fixed fee £110* £15 or amount to be decided by the court
Court fee £55 £100
Agents service fee £100+
Warrant of Execution – County Court Bailiff Fixed fee £50*† £2.25
Court fee £83 £100
Writ of Control – High Court Enforcement Officers Fixed fee £110*† £51.75
Court fee £60 £60
Compliance (abortive) fee £75*

(* plus VAT)
(+ estimated and may vary dependant on speed of service and number of abortive attempts at service)
(† Collection commission applies and the cost excludes investigations)
(** plus VAT. This capped fee excludes any time liaising with the debtor over payment and dismissal of the order to which collection commissions or our hourly rates apply but includes preparing for and attending the hearing, the cost of sending the final order the bank of the debtor and remitting payment received).

Collection commissions

Unless we have agreed that our hourly rates apply the following collections commissions apply to debts that are collected by us either via instalment arrangements agreed with the debtor or through bailiffs, High Court enforcement officers or attachments of earnings. We will monitor the instalments and account to you on a monthly basis for any instalments received. The commissions below are subject to a minimum monthly charge of £5 per month.

Amount of debt Collection Commission (% of amount collected)
Up to £500 10*
£500 – £1,000 7.5*
£1,000.01 – £5,000 5*
£5,000 – £15,000 3*
£15,000 + 2*

(* plus VAT)

Investigations and asset tracing

Our investigation and asset tracing service helps you chose the right form of enforcement to use can maximise the prospects of recovering the debt.  We use a variety of databases in house as well as specialist tracing agencies and enquiry agents to ascertain information to be used in the enforcement process. We may also carry out investigation services to help establish the legal entity from whom the debt is owed where you have not provided us with this information.

Our hourly rates apply to investigation work and we will provide a cost estimate or cost budget as well as guidance on the cost benefit of the work. We also offer a fixed fee tracker report which includes the cost of the report and enforcement advice that we give as a result. The costs of typical investigation reports and enquiries are set out below.

Investigation service Amount (£)
Tracker report £20*
No Trace No Fee search £40*
Full enquiry agents report £150*+

(* plus VAT)
(+ estimated costs)

Insolvency proceedings

Insolvency proceedings can be commenced without the need to obtain a judgment. Bankruptcy Proceedings can only be issued if the debt is greater that £5,000.00. Insolvency Proceedings against a company in the form of a Winding Up Petition can be used where the debt owed is over £750.00. Insolvency Proceedings should only be used where the debt is not disputed on substantive grounds and where there is no cross or counterclaim for a sum that would reduce the level of the debt to below the commencement threshold. Our hourly rates apply to insolvency proceedings. The typical costs of insolvency proceedings are set out below.


Action Expenses Amount
Statutory demand
Fixed costs £100*
Process Servers fee £130* (next day)
Bankruptcy petition
Our costs £600 – £1,000*+
Court fee on issue £280
Search fee on issue £45
Official receivers deposit £990
Process servers fee £130*+ (next day)
Advocacy agents fee £150*

(* plus VAT)
(+ estimated costs)

Winding up

Action Expenses Amount
Statutory demand
Fixed costs £100*
Process Servers fee £130* (next day)
Winding Up Petitions
Our costs (undefended) £600 – £1,000*+
Court fee on issue £280
Search fee on issue £11
Official receivers deposit £1,600
Process servers fees £130* (next day)
Statutory advertisement £90*
Advocacy agents fees £130*

(*plus VAT)
(+ estimated costs)

In the event of a bankruptcy or Winding Up Order being obtained we will offer to assist with the appointment of an insolvency practitioner to assist in realising assets for the benefit of creditors. This may include investigations into the conduct of the bankrupt or company. Our hourly rates apply to time spent liaising on your behalf with an insolvency practitioner or the official receiver. An insolvency practitioner will not make a charge to you in these circumstances.

Small claims service

For claims allocated to the small claims track our hourly rates apply and so long as the case is not removed from the  Debt Fast scheme we fix our fees in accordance with the below. The fixed fee does not include the cost of interim applications including summary judgment applications unless we advise that they are included.  Should time spent at our hourly rates amount to double the fixed fee below the matter will automatically be removed from the Debt Fast scheme and any time incurred after that point will be subject to our hourly rate.

Level of claim Fixed fee Court fee (hearing) Advocacy fees
Up to £300 £450* £25 £150
£301 – £500 £450* £55 £150
£501 – £1,000 £450* £80 £150
£1,001 – £1,500 £450* £115 £150
£1,501 – £3,000 £600* £170 £250
£3,000 + £600* £335 £250
£5,000 -£7,500 £1,000* £335 £350
£7,500 – £10,000 £1,400* £335 £450

(* plus VAT)
(** these court fees will be confirmed when the new increased limit for small claims cases is introduced later in the year)

Fast and multi-track service

In the event that the claim is allocated to the fast or the multi track, then our hourly rates will apply. In appropriate cases we may be willing to offer you a no win no fee service.

Where the case is allocated to the fast or the multi-track, we will provide you with a costs estimate or budget which will be updated on a regular basis. Where the recoverability of barrister’s fees is fixed then we will endeavour to instruct barristers at a fee commensurate with the fixed recoverable fee unless we expressly agree otherwise.

Minimum charges

Unless we have agreed otherwise the silver service is subject to a minimum annual spend of £2,000 plus VAT. The minimum annual ensures that we are able to cover our compliance costs and develop precedent documents to assist in the recovery of debts on your behalf. In the event that you do not incur a minimum annual spend of £2,000 per calendar year we reserve the right to make an additional charged calculated by subtracting your annual spend on our services (excluding expenses/disbursements) from the sum of £2,000.

Gold Service: A Bespoke service for disputed or more complex debt recovery

We will provide an estimate or a budget for this work which will be based on hourly rates.