When you discover someone owes you or your business money, your priority is getting back what you’re owed. A letter before action or late payment demand often gets quick results and we can send these letters on your behalf. However, if the debtor has not responded to them and failed to make payment within the deadline given, we can issue a claim on your behalf in the County Court.

The claim not only includes the principle debt owed to you but also statutory compensation, interest and also any legal costs incurred (both in lawyer and court fees).

On receiving your claim, the court will issue a copy to the debtor/defendant. They will have 14 days to respond, either by acknowledging the debt they owe you (known as acknowledgment of service which then gives them a further 14 days to make payment), by admitting the debt they owe and agreeing a rate of repayment, or by filing a defence or counterclaim.

If payment has still not been made by this time, or a defence has not been filed, we can request judgement and take action to enforce payment.

A judgement will have a negative impact on the defendants credit rating and they will be listed on the Register of Judgments for six years, giving them a very good incentive to make their payment to you promptly.