Arbitration is a binding form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), often agreed as the contractual mechanism for resolving disputes at the outset of trading relationships. The arbitral process, whilst not necessarily cheaper than litigation, is often quicker and can use different processes not available to the courts.

Very often businesses who operate cross border favour arbitration because the New York Convention provides a greater certainty about the prospects of enforcing arbitral awards in foreign jurisdictions. They can also usually be enforced at less cost than a judgment. Many international standard form contracts provide for arbitration through organisations such as commodity trade associations or international arbitration organisations.

Our approach to arbitration, whether it be ad hoc or through specialist organisations is to secure the most cost effective and thorough procedure for our clients whilst enabling you to achieve certainty of outcome as swiftly as possible.

Our expertise includes

  • commodities arbitrations such as those before the Grain and Free Trade Association (GAFTA)
  • arbitrations before the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • ad-hoc arbitrations under UNCITRAL and other bespoke or usual rules.

With offices under 20 minutes from central London, we advise clients in London and the rest of the UK. We also have expertise in acting for international clients with a particular focus on clients from or operating in Africa.

We have expertise in English High Court litigation stemming from arbitration including

  • injunction or anti-suit applications
  • directions applications
  • applications to appoint arbitrators
  • enforcement of arbitral awards
  • appeals of arbitral awards.