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Notary Public

Debenhams Ottaway provides a notary public service in St Albans, Radlett and across Hertfordshire.

Jonathan Foy, based at our St Albans office, and Peter Hayes at our Radlett office, have many years’ notary experience authenticating, witnessing and authorising documents from another country, following all the legal requirements.

We regularly work with businesses that operate and trade overseas, or are involved in a legal dispute with foreign litigation. Our notaries regularly deal with powers of attorney, contracts and incorporation documents.

We also help individuals who may be emigrating or working abroad, buying or selling property abroad, or marrying overseas.

We provide a full notary service and have good relationships with overseas lawyers, Foreign and Commonwealth offices, embassies and consulates and have the assistance of translators for all major languages.

Our notary services include:

  • witnessing the execution of documents and verifying the authenticity of signatures
  • notarising documents for use in buying or selling property abroad
  • certifying passports and Powers of Attorney
  • certifying marriage and birth certificates
  • certifying examination certificates
  • verifying translations from foreign documents to English and vice versa
  • validation of the notaries signature and seal by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and/or by the embassy of the relevant country
  • notarising medical reports and police reports for adoption
  • authenticating the contents of documents
  • notarising foreign Wills
  • confirming identification records when applying for lost or stolen passports
  • notarising Bills of exchange and other contracts.

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