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In a BBC 1 Inside Out London investigation, several pharmacists and other pharmacy staff in pharmacies along the Edgware Road in London were filmed allegedly supplying prescription-only medicines (POMs) without prescriptions to undercover reporters. We acted for the responsible pharmacist on duty in one of the pharmacies where a staff member was filmed apparently making a supply of amoxicillin tablets without a prescription. The pharmacist was required to attend an interview under caution with the Metropolitan Police and a GPhC Inspector.
Prior to the interview we examined the relevant BBC video footage, photographs and other documents which showed no involvement by the client in making unlawful supplies or having any knowledge of them. Following his interview by the Police no further action was taken against him by the Police. The GPhC however referred our client to the Investigating Committee with a recommendation that he was issued with a letter of advice. We advised him not to accept as there was no evidence against him and accepting a letter of advice implies an element of fault. The Investigating Committee surprisingly referred him to the Fitness to Practise Committee who not only dismissed the allegation against him but awarded cost against the Council.