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Recently reported in the Guardian, Mexican food chain Wahaca announced that it was closing nine restaurant outlets following reports that 350 people, including staff, had fallen ill with suspected Noro Virus.

Claims for food poisoning can occur whether you have been an unfortunate diner at a high end restaurant or have contracted food poisoning from a meal ordered from your local takeaway.

Food poisoning can be very serious although surprisingly compensation claims are quite rare.  This may be because it can be difficult to prove what caused the sickness, or simply because people don’t know they can claim.  Compensation for relatively mild symptoms, such as cramps and diarrhoea, on average might be around £3,000 but these damages can be significantly more up to £30,000 or even more if real and permanent disability is suffered.

If you have to take time off work, you can also receive compensation for loss of earnings.  When making a claim you have to

  • prove the source of the contaminated food (the best way to do this is to show that others have suffered the same condition after eating the same food)
  • make a detailed list of everything you have eaten in the previous 48 hours as soon as you become ill
  • contact your GP immediately who will take a sample to show if food poisoning is the cause
  • contact your environmental health department and they should do a spot check of the establishment where you suffered food poisoningfind out from anyone else you know who ate at the same premises if they came ill, even if they only noticed mild symptoms
  • send an email or letter to the restaurant to establish where you ate the food and let me them know that you are making a claim.

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